'Car makers must collaborate': Ford boss

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'Car makers must collaborate': Ford boss

Britain's car makers need to work with greater collaboration if the industry is to prosper once the recession is over.

That's the view of Joe Greenwell, chairman of Ford of Britain and president of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which held its annual dinner this evening.

Industry 'stronger' together
Greenwell said: 'One of the most important lessons we've learnt from this recession is that the UK motor industry is stronger when it works together to achieve a common goal.

'Last November, prospects for a scrappage scheme, indeed any kind of sector-specific support, looked remote.

'However close collaboration, particularly between the SMMT and the RMI (Retail Motor Industry), helped provide a clear direction for our lobbying campaign.

'In 2010 we shall still face significant economic uncertainties. Scrappage incentive schemes, which have done so much to bolster demand in Europe, are coming to an end. In the UK we face pricing pressures from VAT increases and we face a general election, too.'