Carbon-neutral What Car? Green Awards

* Green Awards goes carbon neutral * Event and journeys to and from it will be carbon offset * Green Awards take place Wednesday evening...

Carbon-neutral What Car? Green Awards

The What Car? Green Awards, to be held at London's Battersea Power station tomorrow evening, will be carbon-neutral for the first time.

AGT Investments, a leading provider in the carbon-offset market, is a co-sponsor of the awards and will offset the carbon emissions of not only the event itself, but all journeys to and from the awards taken by guests, participants and sponsors.

'Carbon offsetting is increasingly becoming essential across industry, and particularly in manufacturing,' said AGTI co-chairman Thomas Knifton. 'We are very proud to support the What Car? Green Awards in becoming carbon-neutral.'

At the What Car? Green Awards we reward the best green cars, category by category, not just for their low emissions and high mpg, but considering whole-life costs, driveability and reliability, too. The winners will be revealed from 9pm on Wednesday evening.