Child seats

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Child seats
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What Car? Staff
23 Oct 2008 08:45

Child seats
In which cars can I fit three child seats across a single row?

Youre almost certainly going to need an MPV with three individual seats in a row. Even then, however, it could still be unsafe, depending on the size and shape of the child seats youre using.

If you do cram three seats into one row, the plastic buckles of the seatbelts could be pressed up against the frame of the child seat and shatter in an accident.

Squeezing seats together may also push them out of position and make them significantly less secure and more unsafe.

The centre seat of a bench often has a raised profile, too, and could be unsuitable to secure a child seat properly.

There are too many child seat and car combinations for us to test and list, so you need to try your seats out in your car, or one youre considering, to make sure theyre safe. However, the Citron Grand C4 Picasso and Fiat Multipla should be good choices, but always check.

If youre unsure, ask for advice from trained staff at stores such as Mothercare, Halfords or John Lewis.