Citroen unveils Metropolis concept car

* New Metropolis concept car * Designed by Citroen in Shanghai * Produces just 70g/km of CO2...

Citroen unveils Metropolis concept car

Citroen has revealed the Metropolis concept car that will go on show in China at the beginning of next month.

The Metropolis limousine is longer than the new Jaguar XJ and was designed by the Citroen design team based in Shanghai. It will go on display in the French pavilion at the citys World Fair from May to October.

Among the cars eye-catching features are its Pearl Silk body colour that changes under different light conditions, as well as the kite-shaped front grille, the chrome touches around the side windows and the concave rear window.

The car also showcases a new hybrid drivetrain that incorporates a 2.0-litre V6 petrol engine and an electric motor. At low speeds, the car will run on electric power only, but when maximum power is needed, the engine and motor work together to produce 460bhp.

The car also has four-wheel-drive capability, yet produces just 70g/km of CO2 emissions, considerably less than a Toyota Prius.

For now, Citroen says that the Metropolis is strictly a concept car and if anything based on it does go into production it will probably be for the Chinese market only.

There is no word on whether the hybrid powertrain will ever go into production.