Close the deal

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Close the deal

Even when youre happy with the deal, its best to sleep on it before signing. Remember, no decisions you make are set in stone until youve signed on the dotted line.

Ignore any nonsense about special deals that are only available today unless it really is the last of the month and a dealer is struggling to meet sales targets, youll get the same price tomorrow. Scrutinise every aspect of the agreement in the cold light of day before putting your name to anything. Remember you can always put down a deposit over the phone to save driving back to the dealership.

When you return to the dealer to hand over a deposit and pick up the keys to your new car, check any documents carefully before you sign them. Its not unheard of for sneaky salesmen to switch forms and ask you to sign one that includes PPI or even a higher rate of APR.

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Showrooms can be intimidating places and salesmen are trained to extract every penny from you that they can. Dont worry. If you follow every one of the steps that weve outlined here, youll be able to purchase your ideal car at a price that suits you.