Compare prices first

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Compare prices first

Before you accept any offer, make sure you know the value of your car by checking the price for free on using our [valuation tool. If you visit a handover centre to complete the deal and you agree on a price the money will be transferred to your bank account electronically.

You should be prepared for the price to drop slightly if the inspector points out something youve missed. Dont, however, let them push the price down without good reason, or introduce extra charges when you try and close the deal. Youre under no obligation to sell the car to them and can drive off if youre not happy.

Of course, theres nothing to stop you getting prices from different online sellers, then trying to beat that at a dealer or through a private sale.

If you have any concerns about a particular company you can check that its registered at Companies House (](, or consult your local Trading Standards office.

What Car? says
Selling your car to a professional online buyer is a quick and easy alternative to selling privately or part-exchanging at a dealer. However, you probably wont get the best price only you will know if its worth it to avoid the usual car-selling hassle. In all cases, though, make sure you know the real market price of your car and shop around to get the best price. Dont let them fob you off with a drastically lower valuation, and walk away if they start adding extra charges on at the last minute.