Congestion charge-busting BMW on the way

* BMW aims to get 3 Series to 120g/km * Car will avoid daily 8 charge for London * C-charge changes begin this October...

24 April 2008

Congestion charge-busting BMW on the way

BMW is working to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of one of its 3 Series models so it can be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

Changes to the congestion charge will take place on October 27, and will mean that cars emitting 120g/km of carbon dioxide or less will be exempt from the charge. Cars that emit over 225g/km will be charged 25 a day to enter the capital, rather than the usual 8.

The 318d already produces just 123g/km of CO2, only 3g/km above the level at which cars will be made exempt from the 8-a-day charge.

Although reducing emissions from the 141bhp 318d wont be easy, and may not be achieved by the start of the exemption period in the autumn, BMW is confident that it can reach the lower level.

Cutting the emissions to 120g/km or below would also reduce VED tax bills from 115 a year to 35 a year for cars registered after the changes.

BMW has already made changes to the X5 3.0d, which brought it below the 225g/km mark.

The X5 3.0d emits 216g/km of carbon dioxide, so owners also pay 205 a year in tax, rather than 300.