Cosmetic surgery

* New engine produces 320bhp * 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds * Top speed of 172mph...

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19 February 2009

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery
Unless you really know your Porsches, you may struggle to tell the new model from the old. Subtle tweaks to the nose and tail, new headlights with integrated indicators, tapered tail-lights and LED sidelights are definitely of the spot-the-difference variety.

Inside, things havent changed much, either. The Caymans cabin is immaculately trimmed, and although the slim sports seats may be a bit snug for those with a fuller figure, the perfectly positioned pedals and wide range of steering wheel adjustment provides a superb driving position.

Equally, unlike in many form-over-function performance cars, visibility is excellent, so there are no cold sweats when driving around a narrow multi-story car park. In a world of downgraded interior quality, the Cayman refreshingly retains some of the finest-quality switchgear around, and you can opt for Porsches latest big-button touchscreen system. Complete with sat-nav, you can tap in your destination or flick between entertainment functions with just a glance away from the road.

Theres even a good amount of luggage space, with 150 litres in the front boot and 260 litres in the rear, so you can pack a couple of suitcases for that European touring holiday you always promised yourself. Just dont forget to send your great auntie a postcard.