Crossovers - 1

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29 December 2009
Crossovers - 1

Audi Q3 (artists impression)
Price from 23,000 (est)
On sale 2011
What is it? Splice together a coup andan SUV, and voila!

First the big Q7, then the mid-sized Q5 and now the compact Q3, which will take on the likes of the new BMW X1.

Although we wont see the production-ready version until 2011, our artists impressions give a good idea of what the Q3 will look like when it goes on sale. Our pictures are based on Audis Cross Coup concept car that was shown at the Shanghai motor show in 2007, and take on board the companys description of its new baby asa coup-like five-door SUV.

The Q3 will borrow mechanicals from the Volkswagen Tiguan and will have front-wheel drive. Quattro four-wheel drive should also be available, however, along with Audis usual comprehensive array of petrol and diesel engines, as well as the choice of different gearboxes.

What car? says
This will be one of the busiest sectors over the next couple of years. In keeping with the downsizing trend, there will be bags of pint-sized SUVs arriving.
Peter Lawton
Consumer editor

The Q3 prompts two interesting questions. One is whether theres space for an even smaller Q1. Answer: probably, considering Audis model proliferation in recent years.

The other is whether the fact that the Q3 is to be built at Seats factory in Martorell means the Spanish brand might also get a Tiguan-based crossover for itself.

Can Audi get any mileage out of a smaller SUV than the Q3? Tell us what you think in our New Car Survey at

Kia Sportage (spy shot)
Price from 13,000 (est)
On sale 2010
What is it? The third generation of Kias pint-sized crossover

Its a little tricky to tell from our spy shot, but we suspect that theres a more rounded look to the new Sportage underneath the disguise. Hopefully the car will have some of the Venga MPVs styling cues, some of the sassiness of the Hyundai ix35 and, perhaps, a little of the interest that the Kia Soul has brought to the companys line-up.

Our snatched photographs show that development work on the third-generation of the car is well under way, with the small new crossover set to arrive in the same year as its bigger brother, the Sorento. Just as before, the new Sportage will be sold with the option of either a two- or four-wheel-drive layout.

Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4
Price from 21,000
On sale 2011
What is it? Diesel-electric hybrid

This four-wheel-drive crossover also aims to be eco-friendly, with a diesel-electric hybrid system, rather than the usual petrol-electric set-up.

Peugeot claims the Hybrid4 will hit the all-important sub-100g/km tax-free target for CO2 emissions. Itll also come with a six-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

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