Dartford crossing toll to rise 50%

* On the spot car drivers will pay 1.50 * Off-peak crossings will be free, though * Increase is from this weekend...

Dartford crossing toll to rise 50%

The charge for car drivers to use the Dartford River Crossing is to increase by half, to 1.50.

The Department for Transport says the price rise is an attempt to reduce congestion on what is one of the UKs busiest toll roads. Rising costs of operating the bridge are also thought to be a factor.

There is good news, though, as off-peak crossings between 10pm - 6am will be free.

The changes in tariff will come into force from 10pm this Saturday, November 15.

The current 1 charge will still be available to car drivers using the Dart-Tag electronic payment system, while local residents will pay just 20p to cross.