Diesel almost at record high

* 132.8ppl for diesel * Unleaded costs 128.3ppl * Northern Ireland most expensive area...

Diesel almost at record high

VAT and fuel duty increases have helped to push up fuel prices to near-record highs.

The AA's Fuel Price Report says that the average price of diesel is now 132.8p per litre, which is within a penny of its record price set in July 2008.

The average price of a litre of petrol has risen by 6.2p and is now 128.3ppl.

The UK is the second most expensive country in Europe for diesel, and the fifth most expensive for unleaded. The taxman takes 62.6p from the price of each litre of petrol, and 61.06p for diesel.

The report also found that Northern Ireland was the most expensive area of the UK to buy unleaded petrol the average price is 129.1ppl. Yorkshire and Humberside were the cheapest areas at 127.3ppl.

Northern Ireland, along with Wales, also topped the table for most expensive diesel, at 133.5ppl, while Yorkshire and Humberside again were the cheapest at 131.9ppl.