Dirt Devil high power cordless handheld

Dirt Devil high power cordless handheld

Dirt Devil high power cordless handheld
RRP 49.99
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Its suction is good, but still a fraction behind the best. Stray hairs and ground-in dirt take considerable effort to pick up, although they did shift after some heavy-duty sweeping with the detachable brush. We got only 10 minutes of use from a 15-hour charge, which is disappointing.

Ease of operation

It's easy to charge, if a bit slow. Likewise, it is easy to operate, even if the end results aren't up with the best of them. The detachable brush couldn't be easier to fix in place, either.


Given its average performance, you'll need to shop around and get a good deal to make this cleaner worth considering. Luckily, discounts are plentiful, and a short browse on the internet should secure savings of between 30-40%.


It's solidly built, but nothing special. White plastic predominates, and for all its practical sturdiness, you won't be hanging this on your wall with pride. Unfortunately, although the transparent red cover allows you to watch the dust flying about, it also gives the Dirt Devil a bit of a 1980s feel.

Special features

An anti-odour filter helps keep smells down, although the merits of this are short-lived given you will probably be throwing away whatever you suck up shortly after you've used the cleaner. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.