Do your homework

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19 January 2011
Do your homework

Buying a car is easy, if you dont mind paying over the odds. If you want the best deal, though, youll need to beat the salesman. Thats where we can help. Well talk you through the entire buying process, tell you what you should and shouldnt say to secure a great price and give you the heads up on some salesmens tricks.

Doing your homework
A little research goes a long way when it comes to getting the right car at the right price.

You simply cant trust a salesman to put your best interests first. Yes, he may know all the models, but hell naturally be torn between pleasing you and making a big profit.

Youre on track to get clued up with this copy of What Car? in your hand. Visit, too, where weve reviewed almost every version of every new car. Everything else you need including brochures and promotion details can be found on manufacturer websites.

After youve settled on a make and model, choose an engine and trim. Get it all clear in your head, so that when you visit the dealership youll be able to dismiss any suggestions from the salesman that you should consider a more expensive car.