Don't mention the environment

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26 February 2010
Don't mention the environment

Sadly, your first name will have to be Sheik if you plan to use this engine in anger, because even when you are just cruising around youll be lucky to exceed 20mpg.

Its a shame that more customers wont specify the naturally aspirated 5.0-litre. Its extremely smooth, more than powerful enough for most tastes and is actually the most sweetly balanced car in the line up.

Even so, most customers are expected to plump for the 3.0-litre diesel. It returns 40.1mpg on the combined cycle, and itll still haul the XJ to 60mph in just 6.0sec.

Yes, theres some gentle engine chatter at idle but when you accelerate hard theres not much more than a low grumble from the twin exhaust pipes. Once youre settled into a cruise, there is no way to tell it apart from the petrol cars, apart from the lower redline on the rev-counter.

Of course, this standard of excellence doesnt come cheap. Youll need to find 53,775 for a short wheel base diesel while a top-spec Supersport long wheelbase car will lighten your bank balance to the tune of 90,455

Even so, any XJ is guaranteed to lighten your mood whenever you climb aboard; which makes it the perfect way to enrich your motoring life.

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