Drink-drivers face having cars seized

* Scottish target 'repeat offenders' * Cars could be crushed * Applies to Christmas drink-drivers...

Drink-drivers face having cars seized

Drivers convicted of a second drink-driving offence in Scotland could have their cars crushed.

The plan, which applies over the festive period, is part of a joint strategy by Scotland's eight police forces to target persistent offenders.

More than 10% of fatalities on Scotland's roads involve at least one driver who's over the drink-drive limit. Police are planning to use automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) systems to target repeat offenders.

Plan targets festive offenders
Anyone caught driving while over the limit, and has a previous drink-driving conviction in the past five years, will have the car they are driving confiscated. The police will then seek to have the vehicle scrapped or sold.

Kevin Smith, Central Scotland chief constable, said: 'Despite our warnings that we will target such individuals 365 days a year, they still risk wrecking not only the lives of others, but also their own families.

'This campaign passes the risk to the driver, but it's aimed at winning hearts and minds. Its success will be measured by changing attitudes rather than the number of cars seized.'