Drivers: check your medication

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07 January 2010

Drivers: check your medication

Drivers are being warned about the potential effect of any medicines they are taking in a new road safety campaign launched today.

One million leaflets will be given out in Boots stores and medicine bags will be labelled with stickers reminding drivers to check with their pharmacist or doctor that they are safe to drive while taking their medicine.

Tackling 'drug driving'

Road Safety Minister Paul Clark said: 'We have already run a hard-hitting campaign to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs. But it is not just illegal drugs which can affect your driving. Some medicines may cause drowsiness and impair judgement, increasing the risk of an accident.'

The penalty for drug-driving is the same whether the drugs in question are illegal or prescribed by a doctor. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that they are safe to drive while taking medication.

Keep taking the tablets
Those taking medication are urged to continue with the prescribed course.

Paul Bennett, Boots Professional Standards Director, said: 'It is vital that anyone taking medicine follows the instructions properly and continues to take their course. However, people also need to take into account the potential effects their medicine may have on their ability to drive.'