Drivers find road signs confusing

* Too many signs confuse drivers * Older drivers suffer more * Road sign review underway...

02 February 2009
Drivers find road signs confusing

Half of UK motorists believe there are too many road signs - with drivers finding them increasingly confusing, as they get older.

A poll of 8000 motorists, carried out by the AA, showed that only 38% of drivers aged 18-24 said there were too many road signs, while 66% of those aged over 65 believed there were too many.

More than three-quarters agreed that not all road signs were useful, although just 13% said that fewer than a half were informative.

AA President Edmund King said: 'Road signs are essential to road safety, but they must be in good condition and understood by all road users.'

The Department for Transport is currently undertaking a review of all road signs in Britain.