Drivers vow to cut fuel bills in 2012

* 26% of motorists to drive more economically * 12% will drive less often * Massive fall in petrol sales in 2011...

Drivers vow to cut fuel bills in 2012

Cutting fuel bills is a top new year's resolution for drivers, according to an AA poll.

It surveyed 20,000 AA members and found that 26% promised to drive more economically in 2012, while 12% say they will drive less often.

This comes on the back of government statistics that show petrol sales were down 2.4 billion litres in the first nine months of 2011, compared with the same period in 2008.

'The impact of high fuel prices on ordinary drivers is staggering. Just over a quarter of those choosing a new-year resolution say they will drive more economically and a further one in 10 intend to drive less,' said Paul Watters, head of AA public affairs.

'We have reached the stage where motoring is once again only easily affordable for the better off. The car is still the mainstay means of travel for the majority, so that is depressing news at the start of 2012.'

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