ECC C1 Ev'ie

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ECC C1 Ev'ie

ECC C1 Ev'ie
Price 17,845
Range 60 miles

The C1 Ev'ie is far from cheap at 17,495 (add another 350 for the five-door model), but it looks good value next to the Mitsubishi and Think. Granted, those two have longer ranges and accelerate and stop more quickly, but the Ev'ie is nippy enough at getting you around town.

It can even handle the odd A-road. What's more, apart from the Tesla, it has the nicest interior, and all the components (including the batteries and electric motor) are covered by various three-year warranties.

We tested a pre-production C1 Ev'ie earlier this year and criticised the energy recapture system, which had the alarming effect of braking the car heavily when you lifted off the throttle. The system is now much less aggressive, so the Ev'ie is better to drive.

We can't recommend it for anything other than city use, because the acceleration and range aren't good enough, but it's one of the best-value EVs currently on sale and has a fast six-hour charge time. It's a shame that the overall CO2 impact is comparatively high.