Eco Pedal

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Eco Pedal

If ever there was a product that highlights that doing small things can make a big difference, it's Eco Pedal.

It's a grand-sounding name for a very simple device that can deliver fuel savings of 5-10% depending on driving conditions, according to Nissan figures.

The system is simplicity itself: drive with a soft touch and a green light on the dashboard shows you are within the optimum acceleration range for fuel economy. Push on and the light flashes, and continue to accelerate harder and it turns amber.

At this point the throttle pedal also pushes back, although in truth the pressure it exerts on your foot is barely noticeable and easily ignorable if, for instance, you were joining a motorway and needed maximum acceleration.

A gimmick, then? No, because being aware of how your driving style affects your fuel consumption is one of the most simple ways of making economy gains.

The Eco Pedal will be sold on selected cars from 2009.