Electric cars: at a glance

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Electric cars: at a glance

If you're looking for a clear, concise guide to electric cars, then you're in the right place. Forget the information overload that surrounds this emerging technology, we've got the facts that matter on one easy to read page.

From cost to range anxiety
How much will the electric car that suits you cost - and, more importantly, will it have enough power stored in the battery to get you home?

We'll give you all the information you need, including:
• Price
• On sale date
• What you'll like - and what you won't
• Our What Car? verdict

Electric cars: at a glance
Tesla Roadster
Price 86,950
On sale Now
You'll like Performance; range
You won't Huge price; feels heavy
Verdict Proof that green can be fun
0-30mph 2.2 secondsMitsubishi i MiEV
Price 22,500 (est)
On sale November
You'll like Performance; range; space
You won't High price; odd steering
Verdict A highly impressive EV
0-30mph 4.8 secondsECC C1 Ev'ie
Price 17,845
On sale Now
You'll like Proper car; fairly affordable
You won't Performance and range
Verdict Usable in cities
0-30mph 8.3 secondsReva G-Wiz
Price 8995
On sale Now
You'll like Cheapest EV; decent room
You won't Poor build; gawky looks
Verdict Only for the city centre
0-30mph 11.3 seconds
Price 9995
On sale Now
You'll like Funky looks; tiny size
You won't Build; range; performance
Verdict Steer clear at present
0-30mph na
Think City
Price 22,000 (est)
On sale Early 2010
You'll like Performance and range
You won't Likely high price; iffy quality
Verdict Looks like being too pricey
0-30mph 5.9 secondsAixam Mega City 2+2
Price 12,564
On sale Now
You'll like Smart looks; okay space
You won't Everything else
Verdict Not good nor cheap enough
0-30mph 13.7 seconds

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