Electric cars not the long-term answer

* EVs 'won't replace conventional engines' * Hydrogen seen as more realistic option * Most green buyers cite financial motivation...

Electric cars not the long-term answer

Electric cars arent the long-term answer to petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, according to 75% of British drivers.

Just 25% of UK motorists believe pure electric motors will replace the traditional combustion engine, according to a recent YouGov SixthSense survey.

However, half of those surveyed believe hydrogen-powered electric cars are a better long-term solution. A further 41% regard efficient petrol and diesel engines as the most feasible option.

Of those sampled in the survey who own an alternative-fuel vehicle, 63% have a petrol/electric hybrid, 10% a compressed-gas car, and 8% a fully electric car, such as the Nissan Leaf. However, 75% of these people also own a petrol or diesel car.

The research also revealed that nearly two-thirds of owners cited financial incentives as the main reason for buying a green car, rather than concern for the environment.

James McCoy, YouGov SixthSense research director, said: Weve seen time and again, that most consumers will only go green when it saves them money.