Electric cars not the only avenue

* Electric cars not the answer * Engineers want investment in diverse technologies * Cars that emit just 30g/km possible by 2050...

Electric cars not the only avenue

Electric cars alone aren't the answer to cutting road transport emissions, according to a report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Instead, IMechE is urging the Government to support a broad range of low-carbon technologies including hydrogen power, hybrids and biofuels. With this more diverse approach, cars that emit just 30g/km of CO2 could be a reality by 2050 a figure which iMechE believes should replace the Governments target of 100g/km of CO2 by 2020.

IMechE chief executive, Stephen Tetlow, said: 'We must look at a whole host of technologies to meet these targets. Unless investment is pursued in the reports recommended areas, the consequences will be catastrophic.'

The report, Low Carbon Vehicles: Driving the UK's Transport Revolution, calls upon the Government to bring in a subsidy of 5000 for electric and hybrid cars as early as 2010 to make these vehicles more affordable to car buyers. It also calls on the Government to increase funding for 'green' initiatives from the current annual figure of 1 billion.