Estate for family duties

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Estate for family duties

Name David Cunneen
Age 37
Budget 25,000
Drives Jaguar X-type
Wants 'An estate to replace my Jag saloon, because I need a bigger boot for family duties. I'm fond of BMWs, but I'm open to other ideas.'

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BMW 318d ES Touring
Price 25,965
Target Price 24,397

Not the biggest estate, but the 3 Series is great to drive and more practical than David's Jag. This 2.0-litre diesel version manages 59mpg.

BMW 520d SE Touring, '09/09
Price 22,300

Just as good as the 3 Series to drive, but with a bigger loadbay. There are plenty of one-year-old cars around within David's budget.

Mercedes E220 CDI Av'garde Estate, '08/08
Price 22,000

David's keen on a BMW, but he could also have a look at the Merc E-Class. It has an even bigger boot than the BMWs above and is very classy.