Few limits

* Stunning in almost every aspect * 300bhp 2.5-litre engine * Claimed average economy of 30.5mpg...

Few limits
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What Car? Staff
23 Feb 2009 00:01

Few limits
To be fair, the choice of colour, the touring range (it's not exactly economical) and the specially designed differential's amount of slip are about the only things that are limited on the RS. With a 300bhp, five-cylinder 2.5-litre engine under the bonnet, the power output certainly hasn't been capped.

Still, with that sort of oomph being rammed through the front wheels, the RS required a degree of restraint to prevent it turning it into an unruly beast.

Thankfully, that limited-slip-differential and a trick suspension component known as a Revo-knuckle help curb the potential to self-destruct and help deliver all that power to the road in a spectacularly effective fashion.

The first time you crush the pedal to the floor, you can't help but notice the front wheels battling to grab a grasp on the Tarmac, but a gentle guiding pair of hands is all that is required to help the RS run a true course and recover from all that torque-steer.