Ford cuts prices on big cars

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Ford cuts prices on big cars
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26 Mar 2010 12:00

Ford is to cut the prices of its biggest cars the Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy.

It had been offering big discounts on these cars as part of a spring discount marketing campaign, but Ford says it is making these seasonal promotions permanent.

That means a 1.6 123bhp Edge Mondeo will now start at 17,295, compared with a previous list price of 19,760. The price drop will especially benefit those who pay company car tax, which is calculated using a car's P11D value.

No more big discounts
Before the price falls, buyers could easily haggle almost 3000 off the Mondeo. However, Ford says it will no longer be offering such large discounts on its big cars.

Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said: 'Ford's traditional high recommended list price, high discount approach was causing some confusion and incurred a disadvantage for company car drivers.

'That formula served us well in the past, but today's web-savvy consumer is better equipped to shop around, and we have to make it absolutely clear that our own dealers are the best place to start for the keenest deals.'

Our Target Price mystery shoppers will be pushing Ford dealers to see what discounts are available, so you can still come to What Car? to find out the most you should pay for these cars.

The face-lifted S-Max goes on sale next month and now starts at 20,645, while the face-lifted Galaxy will start at 22,945.

What's happening with the prices of Ford's smaller cars?
Ford says it will introduce a new range of offers across the remainder of the Ford passenger car range including the Fiesta, Focus and Kuga.

That won't help company car buyers of the Focus however the list price of the entry-level Focus is now 575 more than an entry-level Mondeo.

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