Ford Ranger Raptor long-term test: report 4

In theory it's a lean, mean working machine, but we're living with the ultimate version of Ford's Ranger pick-up truck to see if it lives up to the hype...

Max off-roading in Ford Ranger Raptor

The car Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 EcoBlue 210 4WD auto | Run by Max Edleston, senior photographer

Why it’s here To provide grin-inducing entertainment and practicality in equal measure

Needs to be Unstoppable on-road or off-it, reasonably sensible to run, and practical enough to be used as a working vehicle

Mileage 7382 List price £57,064 Target Price £46,470 Price as tested £59,824 Test economy 25.3mpg Official economy 26.6mpg

27 May 2024 – The road less travelled

“Can you get this last shot, please, it’ll only take a minute,” is a phrase which grates my ears every time it’s uttered, because it’s usually said at 5pm, when the light is fading and I’ve got a two-hour commute home. This time, I was in Sussex covering a shoot for our colleagues on Classic & Sports Car, where ‘one last shot’ was requested – trouble was, the last shot needed to be taken from a vantage point which was very much off-road.

Fortunately, my Ford Ranger Raptor is no stranger to going off the beaten track, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know its various systems and how to adapt them for different terrain. And what I’ve learned is that the pick-up truck knows best. 

Max off-roading in Ford Ranger Raptor track

That’s why, upon leaving the Tarmac and starting along a series of deeply rutted farmer’s tracks to reach my destination, I simply put the truck into its four-wheel drive setting, and selected mud via the rotary controller on the centre console. This sets up the traction control and other systems for slippery surfaces, which helped to keep me moving even in one especially water-logged section of track.

I’ve noted in a previous report that my car includes cameras to help me avoid sharp rocks, but the infotainment screen also shows an inclinometer, which shows me the truck’s position relative to the ground. This proved a useful tool when I needed to weave around some hefty branches by going up a banking in the track.

The Raptor made short work of this off-road adventure, and I was soon in position to take that last shot – helped once again by the the truck's load bay, which provides a stable, elevated platform to shoot from. And when I was done with the working day, Ranger Raptor carried me and my kit home in comfort – talk about versatility.

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