Ford's 100 years in photos 15/52

* Ford celebrates 100 years in Britain * A photo a week from Ford's archive * This week the Fiesta is born...

Ford's 100 years in photos  15/52

Ford is celebrating 100 years in Britain by delving into its archive of photographs.

This week's image takes us back to 1976, a year of innovation and launches. Concorde took to the skies, the VHS video cassette recorder was unveiled and a new small Ford, codenamed Project Bobcat, was launched as the Ford Fiesta.

Personally approved by Henry Ford II, the Fiesta was born out of the energy crisis that enveloped the 1970s. More than $1 billion dollars was spent on developing the Fiesta, and while Concorde languishes in museums around the world, the little Ford is still pioneering technology to this day.

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