Ford's economy drive

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What Car? Staff
13 January 2009

Ford's economy drive

Spend 10 on economy driving lessons at Ford dealerships around the country and you could save hundreds of pounds in fuel bills, every year.

The ECO Drive courses at Ford dealers are run in conjunction with the Government-funded Energy Saving Trust (EST), which reckons drivers should be able to save at least 15% on their fuel bills after taking the lessons.

A pilot project run by the EST and Ford Retail last year produced average savings of 16.8% from the pool of 494 drivers who took part.

The course aims to show motorists how simple changes to the driving style can save them cash with tips on areas such as changing to a higher gear earlier, anticipating the road ahead and switching off the engine when stationary.

The courses will be available at 38 Ford Dealerships up to March 3.

Participating dealers include Dagenham Motors in London and the south east, Polar Ford in Yorkshire and the north west, Heartlands Ford in Birmingham and Brunel Ford in Bristol and the south west.

For more information visit Ford's Ecodrive.

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