Frugal holdall

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Frugal holdall

Name: Terry Hanks
Age: 39
Drives: Toyota Corolla Verso
Budget: 10,000
Wants: 'Something economical that doesn't compromise on space.

'Reliability is important, too, and seven seats would be handy, although not essential.'

Skoda Roomster 1.4 16v
Price: 10,398
Target Price: 9117

It will seat only five but the Roomster offers plenty of space and the price should drop below 10k with a bit of haggling. This version should be capable of 41mpg, and reliability is a strong point for Skoda.

Mazda 5 2.0D 110 TS, '08/08
Price: 10,000

The 5 ticks all the boxes, and a one-year-old car from an independent dealer should be bang on budget. Mazda has a superb reputation for reliability and this 2.0-litre diesel version should do 46mpg.

Volkswagen Touran 1.9 TDI 105 SE, '07/07
Price: 9950

More sophisticated than the Mazda and Skoda, and great to drive. The Touran has a flexible seating layout for up to seven people and this 1.9-litre diesel version manages 47mpg.