Future Car Challenge 2011 report

* Brighton to London run * Awards for least energy used * Won by Gordon Murray Design T.27...

07 November 2011
Future Car Challenge 2011 report

The second Future Car Challenge was on Saturday, November 5.

This year 64 vehicles both production and prototype models - completed the 60-mile route from Brighton to London, all aiming to use as little energy as possible. There were categories for fully electric, extended-range electric (cars with an electric motor supplemented by a small petrol engine that acts as a generator on longer journeys), hybrid- and hydrogen-powered vehicles, as well as vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Each car was fitted with a data-logger to measure the amount of energy consumed over the route, with the results converted to kW-h.

The overall winner and most efficient - was former F1 designer Gordon Murray, driving his own Gordon Murray Design T.27, a prototype electric city car, with a figure of 7 kW-h.

Here are some of the other 18 category winners:

• Most Energy-Efficient Small Car (Production) - No. 2, Smart fortwo electric coupe
• Most Energy-Efficient Small Car (Prototype) - No. 27, T.27 Gordon Murray Design
• Most Energy-Efficient Regular Car (Production) - No. 3, Nissan Leaf
• Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Prototype) - No. 43, VW Gold Blue e-motion
• Most Energy-Efficient Large Car (Production) - No. 42, Peugeot 508 e-HDI
• Most Energy-Efficient Sports Car (Production) - No. 18, Tesla Roadster
• Best Overall Pure Electric Vehicle - No. 27, T.27 Gordon Murray Design
• Best Overall Extended Range/Plug-In Hybrid (E-REV, PHEV) Vehicle - No. 41, Proton Exora REEV and No. 21, Toyota Prius Plus-In Hybrid
• Best Overall Hybrid (HV, HEV) Vehicle - No. 68, Honda Insight
• Best Overall Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle - No. 67, Mini Cooper D Olympic Edition
• Best Overall Vehicle On Sale At Time Of Event - No. 3, Nissan Leaf
• Best Overall Private Entry - No. 8, Lotus Elise S1 Electric
• Best Overall Entry - RAC Future Car Challenge Winner, no. 27, T.27 Gordon Murray Design
• People's Choice - No. 44, Delta E4 Coupe