Garage scheme gives 1000 guarantee

* New scheme for independent garages * 1000 to cover disputes or closure * Look out for 'Trust My Garage' badge...

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Emma Butcher
15 March 2012

Garage scheme gives 1000 guarantee

The RMIs Independent Garage Association (IGA) has launched a new scheme with a 1000 guarantee for car owners using independent garages.

The Trust My Garage scheme provides consumers with financial reassurance if they enter into a dispute with an independent garage, or if the garage goes out of business.

In the event of a dispute, the IGA will award up to 1000 to the consumer if they are found to be in the right.

Some 2000 independent garages are signed up to the scheme, with each new member subject to a site audit by the IGA before they're approved.

Approved garages will highlight their membership to the scheme with a special badge.

Speaking to What Car?, IGA director Stuart James said: Trust My Garage is a scheme specifically tailored to independent garages that guarantees to the consumer the quality of the workmanship of its members.

Should it be proven that the garage acted in an unprofessional way, then the operator could be expelled from Trust My Garage and RMI membership.

James added that the scheme was a badge of recognition of IGA membership rather than a code of conduct, and is meant to demonstrate professionalism and dedication to the highest standards of skill and personal service.

Emma Butcher