George Takei

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George Takei
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What Car? Staff
17 Nov 2008 13:40

George Takei
Age 71
Occupation Actor
Phobias None
Special skills Hiking, getting on with people

Best known as Star Trek's Mr Sulu, George is the oldest ever I'm A Celeb contestant, so he'll want a car that's comfortable and effortless to drive.

That said, he's no wobbly crock. "I am a physically fit person. I work out every day. I used to run marathons!" he says, so we have to take this into account.

As a former officer on the Starship Enterprise, George is going to want something that will give him plenty of trouble-free miles.

What Car?'s recommendation Lexus RX

Why? There's both plenty of luxury and plenty of room, plus a modern image thanks to the RX's hybrid powertrain. You may think a 4x4 is too big a car for a man of advancing years, but we feel that Mr Sulu will be perfectly comfortable and happy at the helm.