German car sales halve as scrappage ends

* Sales fall by 50% in September * End of US scheme signals decline, too * More cash for bangers in UK...

German car sales halve as scrappage ends
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What Car? Staff
2 Oct 2009 09:47

Germany's new car sales have been slashed by half with the end of the country's scrappage scheme, according to German newspaper, Bild.

In a stark warning to the global car industry, the end of the scheme has resulted in new registrations plummeting by around 50% in September compared with August.

Germany had offered drivers 2500 (around 2285) to scrap vehicles that were at least nine years old. The cash incentive ran out on September 2.

US sales crash as 'cash for clunkers' ends
The US has also experienced a sharp decline in new car sales after its 'cash for clunkers' incentive came to an end on August 24.

US manufacturers Chrysler, Ford and General Motors have all reported that their September sales had tumbled as a result of the scheme ending. Sales of the 'big three' car makers fell by the following amounts:
• General Motors -45%
• Chrysler's -45%
• Ford's -5%.
(Figures compared with September 2008's.)

Ford's figures were boosted by the release of its revamped Taurus model.

UK scheme extended
The UK scrappage scheme has been extended by an injection of 100 million.

More bangers for cash
More motorists will also qualify for the cash, because the cut-off date for vehicles being scrapped has been extended. Now those registered before February 29, 2000 are eligible, the previous deadline was for vehicles registered before August 31, 1999.