Get a discount on your extras, too

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What Car? Staff
19 January 2011

Get a discount on your extras, too

If youre adding options to your new car, get the same percentage discount on these as on the car itself. Options discounts do exist.

If youre trading in your old car, the salesman might try to claw back some of
his lost profit by undervaluing it. A common trick is to quote you the trade price, which is very different from the part-exchange price. Watch out for this and have your What Car? Used Car Price Guide valuation ready to show the salesman.

If youre buying on finance, ask the dealer to print out full details of the offers available, so you can look them over. Remember to compare the total amount repayable rather than the monthly payments. The salesman might quote you the weekly rather than monthly repayments, so watch out for this, too.

Dealer interest rates are rarely fixed, so if youve found a better finance deal direct from a bank, ask if theyll match it.

At this point the salesman will almost certainly try to talk you into buying
PPI and GAP insurance. If youve decided you dont need either, tell him firmly you arent interested. Dont be swayed by any sales patter about what could happen if you lose your job or write off your new car youve already made your decision.

If you decide to go for either of these insurance policies, have your independent quotes at the ready to barter on price.