GM launches eBay dealership

* Promotional link-up * Up to 20,000 cars available * Limited to California...

GM launches eBay dealership

Want to buy a car? Then pay a virtual visit to General Motor's newest showroom on eBay.

Selling cars on eBay is nothing new, but after emerging from bankruptcy in the US, General Motors (GM) has launched an official promotional website to help sell its cars.

The new promotion runs from August 11 to September 8 and allows web-users to research, negotiate and buy new or used GM cars.

The virtual showroom is limited to 225 participating dealerships in California.

GM says that as many as 20,000 new GM vehicles will be available at any one time during the promotion. Site users will also be able to look up the trade-in value of their current car and find out whether it qualifies for the US scrappage incentive dubbed 'Cash for Clunkers'.

GM vice president of US sales, Mark LaNeve, said: 'As the dealer showroom expands from the parking lot to the laptop, this makes it easier for a customer to browse new-cars available, make an offer, buy it, or send a message requesting for more information from a dealer.'