Graphic TV ad for seatbelt campaign

* Graphic images kickstart new campaign * Aimed at drivers who don't belt up * A life could be saved every day...

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What Car? Staff
03 November 2008

Graphic TV ad for seatbelt campaign

Graphic images of the fatal damage caused to internal organs in a car crash will be used to kickstart a campaign to encourage drivers to wear seatbelts.

The images are so graphic, the full commercial can only be shown after 9pm, with an edited version being screened in pre-watershed slots.

The Government says a life could be saved every day if all drivers and passengers belted up for every journey.

The new 2.6million Think! campaign was based research that found:

  • People are less likely to wear seatbelts during low speed, short journeys on familiar roads

  • Young men are least likely to always wear a seatbelt

  • Some people believe they don't need to wear a seatbelt if the car has airbags

The first screening of the edited advert is scheduled for just before 7pm on Monday on ITV. The full version will be shown first on Channel 5 at 9.10pm on Monday, then on Channel 4 at 9.15pm.