Green, but does it feel lean?

* CO2 cut, fuel economy improved * Ride and interior quality disappoint * On sale now from 41,000...

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1 May 2009 16:43 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Green, but does it feel lean?
Lexus is making a big play of the new car's ability to go around corners, with the option of air suspension and a fancy active stabiliser system (although bizarrely not together). Frankly they shouldn't have bothered.

Although there's little body lean in models with traditional steel springs and that stabiliser system, the steering is devoid of feel and the grip from the green-ish Bridgestone tyres (they're not quite full-on eco rubber) isn't great.

Anyway, most SUV owners don't buy their cars for handling prowess. Trouble is, the ride isn't especially plush. It's certainly no worse than many rival SUVs, but anyone thinking they're in for a soft ride will be mistaken certainly on the steel sprung cars.