Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry Car Vacuum

Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry Car Vacuum

Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry Car Vacuum
RRP 49.99
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Powered either by a 12V cable that plugs directly into your car's cigarette lighter or by a battery that requires a 12-hour charge for eight minutes of effective operation, this cleaner is versatile. However, it's not that effective at picking up anything other than the loosest dirt or liquids, even when using the attachments.

Ease of operation

There are two speed settings, although you're unlikely to use it on anything other than full power. It's chunky to hold and manoeuvre over long periods of times. However, its controls are simple to understand and operate, and the design makes it easy to empty the collection bin or access the filters.


Given its low levels of suction, this cleaner is massively over-priced. There are no discounts to speak of as it is a Halfords own-brand model, too.


It's unquestionably sturdy, and it has a futuristic edge with its see-through front section. The attachments look a little cheap, but then you are unlikely to be pulling them out to show off when friends come round.

Special features

The four attachments are useful, if a bit cheap-looking, with the hose unit the pick of the bunch and adding versatility that many other cleaners simply don't have.