Honda CR-V diesel particulate filter warning light problem

* Honda CR-V suffers power loss; system is reset * Software update fails to fix the issue * Honda offers the reader a new CR-V...

Honda CR-V diesel particulate filter warning light problem

Glowing reviews and a reputation for reliability convinced John Hardy that a new Honda CR-V was the perfect family car, and for the first few weeks he wasn’t disappointed.

However, 1500 miles later his confidence was shaken when the car suddenly lost power on the motorway. As it slowed to limp mode, the diesel particulate filter warning light flashed on.

He took the car straight back to his dealer, Honda Doncaster, who couldn’t find a fault so reset the system and sent him on his way. Another 1500 miles later, John was shocked when the car went into limp mode again with no prior warning, so it was back to the workshop for the CR-V.

This time John was told a software update was in development, but for now all his dealer could do was reset the erratic system. Several weeks later, the update was ready, which was done. John began to settle back into enjoying his CR-V, but the limp home mode and the DPF light struck again. The system was then reset, but the problem recurred again. John decided enough was enough and handed back the keys.

By this stage, however, Honda had produced a second software update, which it promised would solve the problem. It said that, because there was a fix, John had no case for rejection. He wrote to Helpdesk. ‘I’ve lost all confidence in my CR-V and am unhappy I’ve been allowed to drive from the dealers with the car unrepaired and in a dangerous condition more than once,’ he said.

He stressed Honda Doncaster had been helpful and that it had given him a long-term courtesy car until the matter could be resolved. It had offered to buy back the CR-V but at a basic trade price, which didn’t appeal to John, and had tried to arrange a replacement CR-V. However, the financial assistance needed from Honda wasn’t forthcoming.

We asked Honda Doncaster and Honda UK if anything more could be done. After protracted negotiations failed to produce an agreement between Honda and the dealer, Honda Doncaster made another offer. It would exchange the CR-V for a brand new Mazda CX-5 in SE-L spec with sat-nav.

John accepted, at which point Honda UK stepped in and offered him a brand new CR-V, so he chose that instead.

What if this happens to you?

  • Keep a diary of events and make a note of all calls.
  • Stay in regular contact with your dealer.
  • If your dealer can’t help, complain to the manufacturer.

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