Honda launches five-year aftercare programme

* Available on all new Hondas * Includes five years' roadside assistance, warranty and servicing * Aftercare package costs £500...

Honda launches five-year aftercare programme

Honda has launched a new aftercare programme that is available on each car in the range.

The Five package includes servicing and roadside assistance for five years as well as a five-year warranty and will cost £500. Buyers who choose to pay for their car on finance can include the costs in their monthly payments.

Services are covered for up to five years or 62,500 miles, while roadside assistance and the five-year warranty apply for five years or 90,000 miles.

The cost of servicing a petrol Honda over five years, without choosing a fixed-price service plan, comes to £995, so the Five package saves buyers £495 before taking into account the cost of the extended warranty and the extended roadside assistance cover.

Used buyers can also benefit. If an owner opts to sell the car before the five years are up, the Five package remains with the car so the new owner can use it, too.

Honda joins other manufacturers who already offer aftercare programmes. Hyundai offers a five-year servicing package for £649, while Kia offers a seven-year warranty as standard and five-year service plans from £599.

Renault has also recently started to offer the Renault 4+ package as standard on all cars bought on Renault Selections finance, or for £299 on cars not bought on finance. The package includes a four-year, 100,000-mile warranty, four years' roadside assistance and servicing for four years or 48,000 miles.

Aftercare packages are popular with new car buyers as they limit the chance of unexpected servicing costs.