Honda plans more job cuts

* 500 jobs at risk * No compulsory redundancies * Union is angry...

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10 November 2009

Honda plans more job cuts

Honda has revealed plans to cut 500 jobs at its Swindon factory.

The move comes after workers agreed to a pay reduction in an attempt to secure their future.

Union leaders have criticised Honda, but the car maker has said that the 500 jobs would not be lost through compulsory redundancies.

Closures and job cuts
The Swindon factory has already lost more than 1300 workers during the economic downturn, and the facility was closed for two months due to a shortage of demand for new cars.

Jim D'Avia, of the union Unite, said: 'We made an agreement with the company in good faith [to take a pay reduction].

'We will be seeking to have the pay that was cut reinstated because the company has no longer honoured the intention of our negotiations, which was to safeguard 500 jobs.'