Honda retunes S2000

* S2000 gets suspension retune * Improved handling, easier to drive on limit * F1 tester Mike Conway gives his view...

Honda retunes S2000

Honda has updated its S2000 two-seater to make it more predictable to drive.

Powered by a 237bhp petrol engine, the car has previously been criticised for being too hard to drive on the limit.

Now its suspension, which was developed for use across Europe, has been retuned to Japanese specifications, which Honda says makes the car's steering more communicative and predictable.

In addition, the dampers, springs and anti-roll bars have also been tweaked, to enhance the car's cornering stability and handling, and the headrest frames have been redesigned to improve rollover protection.

Buyers will also have the option of choosing a new design of 17-inch alloy wheels, a new silver colour scheme and three new leather trims.