Honda showrooms come home

* Video link from home to showroom * Helps buyers find the car they want * Now available to dealers across the UK...

Honda showrooms come home

Fed up with traipsing around car showrooms at the weekend? Ever wished you could check out the car you're interested in from the comfort of your own home? Now you can, thanks to Honda.

Following successful trials, Honda is making its 'C It Now' (CIN) technology available to dealers across the country.

By using a camcorder linked to a broadband connection, sales staff can guide prospective buyers around their chosen car and respond to any questions or requests they have.

Honda says that CIN is particularly useful for used car sales because it allows those interested in a specific model to see it in detail, even if there isn't an example in a local showroom.

It also suggests that in some cases the car is purchased and delivered without the buyer ever visiting the dealership.

Janice Kennedy, head of car sales at Honda, said: 'We know people are researching and buying cars in different ways and we're trying to meet this demand. CIN is a real bonus for those who don't want to make the trip to a showroom or feel more relaxed and able to ask questions openly when they are not face to face with the salesperson.'