How do they feel to drive?

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14 May 2009

How do they feel to drive?

How do they feel to drive?
It's amazing how far hydrogen fuel cell cars have progressed in just three years. We drove a 2005 Kia Sportage and a 2008 Kia Borrego (a large SUV not sold in Europe) which had the technology fitted, and the newer car with a fuel stack that's 43% more powerful and a super capacitor to store energy in place of batteries was more driveable and refined.

There's barely any noise with either both are quiet enough to catch a cyclist or pedestrian off-guard but the Sportage whistles when it is accelerating, whereas the Borrego is totally quiet.

There's no transmission with either just a lever with the same P-R-N-D positions you find in an automatic car. Anyone who has ever driven an automatic could simply hop in and drive the fuel cell car. It's that easy.