Hybrid champion

* Hybrid rival to A3 * On sale early 2011 * Estimated price 22,000...

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What Car? Staff
26 February 2010

Hybrid champion

Lexus launched its first hybrid only five years ago, but there's now no bigger champion of the cause.

The initial decision to go down the hybrid route may well have been driven by the US market, where buyers tend to look down their noses at diesel, but Lexus has since embraced the technology wholeheartedly.

The big question now is whether UK buyers and fleets used to compact petrol and diesel cars can be persuaded to go along with Lexus's thinking.

Lexus argues that when the new European emissions laws come into force in 2014, the price of hybrid models will end up being closer to those of their diesel-powered counterparts.

Price: 22,000
On sale Early 2011
You'll like It's a Lexus, but smaller
You won't It won't match diesel mpg