Hyundai recalls 17,000 cars for checks

* Early Santa Fe and Trajet affected * Suspension could be corroding * Free checks, free work and free car provided...

Hyundai recalls 17,000 cars for checks

Hyundai is recalling 17,000 Santa Fe and Trajet models for checks on the cars' suspension.

The manufacturer has found that the trailing arms of the suspension system could have become badly corroded by winter salt. Santa Fe models built between July 2000 and June 2003 are affected along with Trajets built between January 2000 and May 2004.

Hyundai says that the structural integrity of a small proportion of cars' suspension could be affected, but it says there have been no reported accidents as a result of the potential defect.

Return to dealer
Owners are being asked to take their cars to the local dealer for a free inspection. Most vehicles will only need additional drainage and some anti-corrosion measures.

Where the trailing arms are more badly damaged and need replacing, Hyundai will provide an alternative vehicle free of charge while the work is carried out.

All of the checks and necessary work will also be carried out without cost to owners.