Hyundai to continue five-year warranty

* Hyundai will continue with 5-year package * No plans to match longer warranties * Buyers want benefits during ownership...

Hyundai to continue five-year warranty

Hyundai has confirmed that it has no plans to extend the warranty provided with its new cars.

Although rivals offer seven-year or even lifetime warranties, Hyundai will continue with its current 5 Year Triple Care package, said Tony Whitehorn, president of Hyundai UK, at the launch of the new i30.

He said that research among Hyundai customers had revealed that new-car buyers were most interested in benefits that applied during their period of ownership of the car.

As a result, Hyundai has decided to focus all its added value into the first five years of ownership.

Under the terms of the Triple Care package, all buyers of new Hyundais benefit from a five-year unlimited-mileage warranty, five years RAC roadside assistance and five years of free annual checks.

Andy Pringle