Hyundai's MPV concept car

* HED-5 to be shown at Geneva motor show * Six-seat MPV that's eco-friendly * Plus, low emission engines and revised Matrix details...

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Jim Holder
11 February 2008

Hyundai's MPV concept car

Hyundai will showcase the HED-5 concept car at the Geneva Motor show in March.

Although details are scarce, the six-seat MPV is said to feature the use of innovative recycled materials and a low-emission engine.

In addition, Hyundai will unveil a series of emission-saving technologies across its range, which will reduce carbon dioxide outputs by up to 29%.

A mildly face-lifted version of the Matrix MPV will also be on show, featuring revised exterior styling and the use of improved materials inside the car.

The Matrix, which goes on sale later this year, will also be available in a wider range of colours.