IAM calls for post-test driver training

* Post-test training needed, says IAM * Would reduce road casualties * and insurance premiums...

IAM calls for post-test driver training
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Tom Webster
10 Oct 2011 13:39

Newly qualified drivers should face extra training during their first year on the road, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The IAM claims that road deaths among young drivers could be slashed by up to a third if the Government introduced such a scheme.

'Having looked at post-test training from other countries, we know that the best examples have reduced young male deaths by almost 30%,' said Simon Best, IAM chief executive.

The IAM wants the UK to follow Austria's lead, where newly qualified drivers have three further lessons within 18 months of passing their test. The additional tuition would cover topics such as driving in the wet, speed into corners and the impact of speed on stopping distances.

The first year as a car driver is important for building up the driving experience necessary to reduce the risk of crashes, said Mr Best.

Post-test training with in-depth coaching on driving techniques, and extra hours behind the wheel with an experienced instructor will prevent accidents.

As well as the skill benefits, a spokeswoman for the IAM said: Wed like to see benefits to insurance premiums introduced they are massively high at the moment.